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Quote LeftSusan has been a specialist for homes in our development, The Highlands at Pleasant Valley, over the years, so it was obvious to us that she should be our listing agent. We were not disappointed! Susan is knowledgeable and reliable. She was always available to us, responding quickly to any questions. She helped us ready the home to sell and produced outstanding photos and videos to promote the property. Thanks to Susan and her efforts, we had an offer within one week and the terms were perfect for our situation. We highly recommend Susan if you are looking to sell or buy.Quote Right
Posted By: Kaye Nelson
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Quote LeftOver the course of many years we have had the opportunity to work with many realtors, and Susan ranks at the top of the list. We have had many challenging transactions occur, including with the sale that Susan worked on. She was incredibly prompt, knowledgeable, courteous, and patient to work with. She had the resources and provided the answers we needed almost immediately , so that the listing and sale could be done very quickly. She kept us informed at all times, and it was obvious she truly cared about our situation . We would whole heartedly recommend Susan to anyone who is wanting to buy or sell a home. She will definitely make the experience and process for you as easy and positive as possible.Quote Right
Posted By: Ronda Judd
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Quote LeftOur home sale was recorded yesterday and we are pleased to submit a testimonial in support of

Susan. Throughout the process of deciding to sell, we met with several real estate agents. In

short, Susan was the only one who listened to our vision and goals of selling our home. She

was encouraging that these goals could be met and provided concise suggestions as to how to

accomplish this. We formed a great working relationship immediately and went to work to

complete the tasks that would garner us the sale price that we had targeted.

We found that selling our home was not just a financial decision but also, an emotional journey.

Susan's experience with the entire real estate transaction, both financial, procedural and

personal was invaluable to us. She acted as our representative with every interacting agency

and company and also, our counselor as we made multiple decisions through the sales process.

Susan was our agent but also, our friend. As the majority of the other agents had advised

against our sales plan, Susan's guidance was key in our success.

We also found that Susan is extremely detailed oriented and this was of critical importance

throughout the document process. In numerous instances, she identified and corrected either

inconsistencies or errors in the sales documents. Any one of these would have been

detrimental to us and for her oversight, we are grateful. Susan is clearly experienced and


We would encourage anyone who is interested in selling their home to consult with Ms. Cusack.

Her motto is that she listens. We found this to be accurate. Susan was the only agent that

listened to us, understood the value that we saw in our "sweat equity" and how it translated to

our vision and objective for selling our home. To us, her competitors simply wanted a lower

price and easier task. This would not have been to our benefit and were pleased to sign a

contract with Susan. We believe that you will be, too.
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Posted By: Michael & Shelley O'Brien
Vancouver, WA
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Quote LeftTo anyone who needs to sell or buy a home, this recommendation of Susan Cusack is for you! Susan Cusack, Broker and Owner of SMC Real Estate, was our listing Realtor on the sale of our home, but she was extensively more than “Just our Realtor!”

We hadn’t lived in the home for about 2 years and it needed a very large amount of work to be done in order to get it ready to put on the market. Susan created a plan for us to follow in order to determine what work needed to be done, and then coordinated getting all of the work needing to be done either completed or, she obtained bids for the work needing to be done that she did not recommend we do.

Her recommendations for what work we should do was based on her professional opinion of what a buyer would require, and that we would get an equal or better return on our investment for completing. With regard to the items a buyer would want done—Susan got formal estimates from contractors and put those in the binder for the buyer’s review. She even chose samples of flooring materials from CFM (Contract Furnishing Mart) and got retail and wholesale estimate sheets for the buyer to look at the flooring and see the actual cost that Susan would pass on to any buyer. This was a great idea as she indicated that without us getting those estimates, buyers tended to deduct way more for those improvements than it would cost them to complete.

She stayed in constant communication with us through getting it ready, marketing it, and after accepting an Offer. We never once had to call her to find out what was going on. We started by paying for a Home Inspection report per her recommendations and it was the absolute correct approach to our situation. From there it followed with her coordinating all needed estimates for repairs and meeting all of the contractors at the vacant home for us. She also worked with us in coordinating getting all of the belongings out of the home and having the entire home cleaned professionally by her team of people.

It took over 3 months of coordination to get the home ready to market and we could not have done it without Susan’s professional experience and contacts. While all that was going on, Susan began research and documentation on the 3 acres of wetlands of our property and answering what she felt would be any buyer’s questions concerning the land, pond and surrounding properties.

Susan resolved the potential questions of a buyer as to what would happen to the country setting of our home by working with the County representatives to verify current zoning and the potential for subdividing our home or any of the properties behind our home. A binder was created to be available to all Realtors and buyers at the home when it went on the market so they could know the setting would remain “as is” according to the County and gave all contact information for a potential buyer to verify themselves. It was very impressive and included maps with easement identification, CC&R’s, etc.

Susan knew more about the property than we did by the time she was done and we had owned it for 30 years!

Her efforts most certainly aided in the expedient sale of our home. I cannot recommend Susan more highly as the Realtor anyone should use to sell or buy a home. Our home was sold within 13 days thanks to Susan’s extensive experience and professional expertise. Whatever your needs, Susan will have the best advice and a team of people to get the job done! Please feel free to contact me directly to talk about Susan.
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Posted By: Jim Taylor
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Quote LeftSusan Cusack was the realtor who handled the recent sale of our home. To say she did a terrific job would be an understatement!

Susan helped with everything from cleanup to painting to get the best possible presentation to prospective buyers. She could always be reached if we needed her, although this was seldom necessary because she was always proactive. Due to some family medical problems, I was not able to participate fully, but Susan was always on the job getting the house ready for the market.

She met every vendor to let them into the house and supervised all their work. The result was amazing. The house looked so great when she was done that we were tempted to keep it. Then crowning moment occurred the night before the first open house. A toilet backed up and flooded a bathroom. As always, Susan was right there for us. She supervised the plumber and then proceeded to clean up the disgusting mess left after the flood.

As the final touch, the property sold within 2 months after we put it on the market. If you want a broker who is always there for you and does the best and most thorough job you can imagine, I can heartily recommend this lady.
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Posted By: Bill & Adele Brown
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Quote LeftSusan Cusack is the Real Estate agent I selected to list my home in the Highlands at Pleasant Valley, and I did so for several reasons. She has an excellent knowledge of the tract having lived there for years. She knows the houses and the tracts close by and can professionally explain why some houses sold fast and why some had trouble. She helped me re-arrange the house (even figurines) to make it more pleasing to potential buyers (even before I selected her as my agent). I would not have thought of many of the things she recommended and the home presented well.

The commission she offered was as low as anyone else offered and better than most. Even if she would have matched anyone else's lower commission rate, I would have chosen Susan. I asked for, and Susan prepared for me, a detailed Market analysis in such detail that I could use it for estate analysis--which I did.

While my home was for sale, she kept me informed of other homes on the market for sale and those that received offer or sold-- even taking me to a few so I would know the competition. Once I had an accepted Offer, she kept me informed of everything going on with the sale including all correspondence with the buyer's agent. Susan truly walked me through every step of the way on an almost daily basis.

Once I had an accepted Offer, I set out to find a home in Reno, NV. I had a Realtor in Reno but was having trouble finding a home to purchase. On her own! Susan looked for houses for sale in Reno including For Sale By Owner properties and found a For Sale by Owner one which I bought. Susan is not licensed in Nevada and did not ask for or receive any commission or referral fee--she did this for me as a friend. I did not know Susan or her husband, Clay until I chose Susan as my agent. I certainly did not expect to be choosing a family when I chose her as agent. Clay volunteered to help me
move excess furniture and excess items to charities or to the dump. Susan and her husband's help and consideration far exceeded anything I would have expected when I chose Susan to represent me. Through the process, Susan's knowledge of real estate law and the community as well as her help through some difficult times for me were greatly appreciated. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for a real estate agent.
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Posted By: Donald Hill
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Quote LeftMy name is Therese Minder-Almanza and we had as our Realtor, Susan Cusack, who helped us buy our home in The Highlands at Pleasant Valley, Vancouver, WA.

I cannot express the gratitude for the extent Susan has gone to in helping us with the combination of selling our home in California and coordinating the purchase of our Washington home at the same time! She helped us and our Realtor in California in every aspect of the sale and purchase transactions to make them both as smooth as possible and get them CLOSED!

We highly recommend Susan Cusack for your future Realtor. If you choose her as your Realtor whether selling or buying, you will be in the best hands possible. My husband and I would absolutely highly recommend Susan due to her extensive knowledge and dedication to getting the job done no matter what it takes to do so while making it as painless and simple for you as possible.

We will only ever deal with Susan as our future Realtor from the extent of what Susan went through to help with all of our issues and making it as easy as possible on us. She is a fantastic Realtor and very dedicated to help in any way needed
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Posted By: Therese Minder-Almanza
Buyer, Vancouver, WA
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Quote LeftWe would like to thank you for how hard you worked to sell our house on 47th Ave. last month. We have bought and sold quite a few houses over the years and have never found a realtor that has worked as hard at selling this one as you did.

Your attention to details, suggestions for marketing, providing contacts and co-ordination for the repairs and improvements and even personal involvement in the improvements, were way beyond anything we have experienced in the past. We will definitely recommend you to anyone we know who is thinking of buying or selling a home.
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Posted By: Gary & Jeri Barnes
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Quote LeftI recently sold my home in Fisher’s Landing, Vancouver, WA with enormous support and assistance provided by Susan Cusack, a licensed Broker and owner of SMC Real Estate in the States of Washington and Oregon.

Prior to listing the property, Susan thoroughly researched the real estate market in the area and provided us the highest, most competitive selling price for the home.

With her expertise, she also solicited the services of her professional Certified Interior Designer who staged the home to maximize the fullest marketability and potential of the home and the result was rewarding!

Susan also hired a professional photographer who photographed and videotaped my home, and who created a DVD of my home that Susan gave to me as a keepsake gift at the closing of our sale.

Susan diligently went over all the necessary documents with me from the initial listing through the closing stages making sure I thoroughly understood each one before signing any. In a nutshell, Susan is very professional, knowledgeable and ethical and I would highly recommend her to represent and to serve you as her clients.
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Posted By: Susan Stafford
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Quote LeftI liken working with Susan Cusack to being with a "dog with a bone". This woman NEVER GIVES UP and she won't give up until the job is done!!!

When she has a task at-hand, that has to do with selling/buying a house, she will do absolutely everything in her power to get the job done!

She is one of the most persistent, creative, tenacious people that you could have working for you. If you are thinking of having her work with you in the capacity of selling or buying a house,

I highly recommend her!
Seriously- take her as your agent"'
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Posted By: Karen Bonofiglio

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