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Quote LeftI met Susan Cusack at an open house on a Sunday. I had just considered the thought of putting my
house on the market for a brief moment, it was more of a “what if” thought of my plan. After meeting
Susan, I did more homework and decided to sell. I was so impressed with her in the first meeting and
the following couple of days that I did not call my realtor that I have worked with in the past and will
only work with Susan.

She has just enough bull dog to get the job done, and the experience to get the right price. She
comparable shopped a couple times and brought my price up from what I wanted. We had a full price
cash offer in one week and had a pending sale through her sharp negotiating skills and vast experience.
I am pleased to have met her.
For a busy executive like me, she is straight forward, competent, quick and tells you like it is. She
supported, directed and coached me, and that was what I needed--someone to take charge and get the
job done.

After the offer was accepted and we had a pending sale, Susan also took care of all of the details and
was incredibly thorough. She kept in constant communication with me and let me know everything that
was going on. Susan Cusack is the best realtor I have, and will ever, have. I am happy to recommend
her and I know she will take as good care of you as she did me in the sale of my home.
Thank you,
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Posted By: Heather Ashby
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Quote LeftIt is our immense pleasure to recommend Susan Cusack as a real estate agent for any individual or family wanting to
sell their home. We have a very unique and incredibly beautiful 5 acre property in Battle Ground with an already
cleared site for building a fabulous new home. We had started the building permit process a couple years ago but
abruptly ended it due to cancer in our family. We have listed our property for sale with 3 real estate agents prior to
Susan Cusack with no luck in selling it and with very few showings. In the first two weeks of having our home listed
with Susan, we have had more showings than during the entire contract periods with the other 3 realtors! The level of
service we have seen with Susan far exceeds what we have ever seen with any other Realtor.

Susan had an initial meeting with us and took diligent notes regarding our property and all the improvements we’ve
made to the property and the current home on the site. She walked the entire property with us and asked very good
questions. There were some questions we did not have answers to. Susan took the time to research those items –
knowing that it was important to have the answers available to prospective buyers. She has spent a lot of her time to
become an “expert” on our property. Susan has researched our Neighborhood Road Maintenance Agreement, and
the CC&R’s. She has spent time at the County Permit Office to find out if the building permit we paid for is still good
and if the Habitat Review our builder had done is still good. Susan has researched Guest Homes and Hardship
Homes in case a buyer wants to keep the current updated home on the property after building themselves a new
home on the already cleared building site. I am confident that Susan is armed with all the answers for any question a
prospective buyer or realtor might have regarding our property.

Susan had a professional photographer take pictures of our property and a video tour of our property. In addition to
that, she also had the photographer do a drone video of our property. This drone video was really able to capture the
beauty of our entire property.

I am confident that with Susan we will get a great price on the sale of our property – and very likely a full price. She
has really gone above and beyond our expectations of a Real Estate Agent.
We are pleased to recommend Susan Cusack to anyone wanting to sell their home. She is hands down the best in
the business in our opinion and if we ever need to buy or sell again she will be our first choice in real estate agents.
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Posted By: Stephanie Fauser
Seller, Battle Ground Washington
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Quote LeftIf you are looking to purchase a home or selling your home, I just can’t say enough about
Susan Cusack. She is very down to earth, she listens, and most of all she’s a great
communicator and will keep you in the loop every step of the way (as much or as little as you
want) If you want her to text, email or call she’s on it.

She helped me find my home and I love it. She knew the minute we walked in the door it was
the one for me from listening to my wants. She will go the extra mile for you and weed out
homes that don’t meet your criteria.

She didn’t list my home in The Highlands at Pleasant Valley that I owned with my ex­
husband which was my preference. The final decision however was not mine. Needless to
say she is a go-getter and even though she wasn’t the listing agent, she was the selling
agent on my home. Not only did she come through with the sale but it was above asking
price by $5,500!

I would be happy to give my recommendation of Susan to anyone looking to sell or buy
property. Her insight and knowledge shine. Please feel free to give me a call.
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Posted By: Renee Holmen
Buyers and Sellers
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Quote Left“When it comes to the Real Estate Market, Susan Cusack is competent, confident, experienced, tenacious, and honest. Her competent use of social media, experience, and sound financial background coupled with her professionalism make her a coveted resource.

Susan’s in-depth knowledge of: Property Ownership, Rights and Internets, Liens, License, and Zoning, Contract Law, Listing Agreements and Procedures, The Selling Process, Real Estate Valuation, Real Estate Finance Basics, Real Estate Mortgages, and the Escrow and Settlement Process enable her to effectively and efficiently provide the best-possible support and advice.

Susan recently advised and guided me through some very traumatic financial decisions. If it had not been for her expertise, I would have lost a lot of money.

I have nothing but praise for Susan, you can count on her 100% to bring about the best possible solution for you.”

Thank you, Susan.
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Posted By: Sharon Calcagno
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Quote LeftSusan Cusack was very helpful to us as we deliberated the purchase of a new home. Her ability to communicate clearly and with patience the, sometimes, overwhelming amount of information necessary to make a decision is just one aspect of her professionalism.

Susan made us feel important and spend extraordinary time and effort with us so that we were able to make the appropriate decisions.

Although we chose not to make an offer on that particular house, if we were to find ourselves in another real estate decision, we would definitely seek Susan to represent us.
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Posted By: JoAnne Morrow and Kenneth Wilson
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Quote Left"Susan knows her business. She earns every penny of her commission. She tenaciously follows the sale and ensures that every detail is covered and has the patience to understand the needs of her buyer (seller) and to help her buyer (seller) understand the market."Quote Right
Posted By: Brian Crews

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