Going Over the Legal Paperwork


Going Over the Legal Paperwork


Over the years, due to mostly legal issues that have arisen, the legal documents required to complete the Purchase and Sale of a home have grown exponentially. Along with the volume of the documents, the knowledge needed to accurately and professionally complete those documents has also grown exponentially.

In Washington and Oregon, Realtors use the State-wide approved legal forms to write Offers on properties. In Washington, all licensed Realtors are required to attend an annual “Forms class” to be instructed by the National Association of Realtors lawyer on the use of the Forms.

Susan Cusack, the Principal Broker and Owner of SMC Real Estate is known in the industry for her in depth knowledge of these State-wide forms. Her peers who have been involved in a transaction with Susan follow her lead on the documents and the proper use of them in the transaction, and at the end of the transaction, her peers typical call on Susan for their future transactions as the “go to expert.” She has a system for keeping fully aware of any changes in the Forms, the legal cases arising out of the misuse of the forms, and the legal “blogs” related to the forms. She is not aware of any other Realtor who employs her system to ensure she has the utmost knowledge for her clients.

Please ask her to show you her system—she very much like to do so!