Staying in Communication




In this current real estate market, it is of the utmost importance to communicate with our clients to respond to their questions or concerns, and to keep them updated on their listing with us or the profile for their home search.  

 The significantly low inventory has resulted in buyer’s having to make prompt decisions on Writing an Offer to buy a home as homes sell so quickly and there are typically multiple Offers.  SMC Real Estate prides itself on a reputation of excellent communication at all times with our clients.  We work with you well in advance of you putting your home on the market or looking at homes and writing and Offer in order to have you be as much as possible, able to make informed, knowledgeable decisions.  

We want the experience to be as stress-free as possible for you and we know the way to accomplish that is to do the work needed ahead of time.  

SMC’s motto, “Listening to You is how we Serve You” starts from the moment we first speak or meet with you and continues through the Listing and selling of your home or the setting up of your profile to find your dream home and walking through the entire buying and closing process with you.