Writing an Offer


Writing an Offer


Once you’ve gone through the pre-qualification steps, and we’ve found a home you wish to purchase, next steps are:


  • Update your pre-qualification letter and your proof of funds for down payment and closing costs if they are dated more than 30 days prior to your offer


  • Talk over the current market conditions and the best strategy for You


  • Your agent will connect with the listing agent to determine as much information about the seller’s desires for an offer and the seller’s willingness to work with any terms or conditions that you might want to include


  • We will work with you, your lender and the listing agent to determine the best offer for You and when to present it. In this current market, a number of listings have a stated time when the seller will “review all offers.”  If that is the situation, we will discuss the strategy best for you as to when to submit your offer.


  • Your agent will connect with the listing agent and stay in constant communication with that agent to make sure you have the best opportunity to have your offer received and reviewed with the best possible outcome


  • Your agent will keep you up-to-date at all times through the offer negotiation period