Estates and Trusts


Estates and Trusts

SMC Real Estate is experienced in the unique aspects of buyers and sellers who are purchasing or selling as an Estate or a Trust. We have also served as the Realtor for court-appointed Guardians in the sale of properties for families that have had a Guardianship Order by the Court established on behalf of their loved one.


Some of the services that may be needed to be provided depending upon the particular circumstances are: 

   * Living in place alternatives

   * Establishing fair market values for the estate 

   * Senior assisted living facility availabilities based on needs and levels of care 

   * Referrals to Estate attorneys

   * Referral to Tax attorneys

   * Referral to lenders for Reverse Mortgage inquiry

   * Determining the best options for a replacement home

   * Having an Estate sale of the belongings in the home 

   * Getting the home ready to put on the market and establishing fair market value, removal of all furnishings if needed, staging the home, repairs/improvements coordinated and completed that you may want to be done to maximize the equity in your home, coordination with family in all aspects.
   * Working with attorneys or the Court to provide all needed information and services