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 Susan Cusack, the Principal Broker and Owner of SMC Real Estate, has over 35 years experience as a Real Estate Broker in the ownership of her own firm.  In operating through all of the ups and down of the industry over the last several decades, Susan is a seasoned professional with a wealth of experience, knowledge and a history of service that’s extremely hard to match. She is known in the industry by her peers as “the go to person” for her understanding of the statewide legal forms and the intricacies of the inherent pitfalls that befall Realtors in the improper use of these forms and the nuisances of transactions.

Especially in this current real estate market, this knowledge is critical to the fair, equitable and correct functioning of a purchase, sale and listing transaction. Buyers and sellers cannot fully appreciate this expertise until their transaction has difficulties, but we hope you can trust that this experience is highly valuable and unique.

 Susan is also known for her win-win style of negotiations between all parties and the Realtors involved in the showing of her listings, receiving Offers on her listings, and for her buyers writing Offers.

 Some rare facts SMC Real Estate can claim after over 35 years in the business:

Has never been named in a lawsuit by any party to a listing or sale transaction

Has never had a claim filed against an agent with the Real Estate Division

Has never had a seller request a cancellation of a listing

Has never had to be a witness in a lawsuit

There’s a reason for the uniqueness of these claims which very few Realtors can claim. The reason is Susan Cusack’s professionalism, knowledge, experience and service.  Now more than ever, who you choose to work with matters!  Choose SMC Real Estate to serve you.
SMC uses a technology-driven marketing approach for maximum exposure on the online real estate advertising and resources that are primarily used by buyers and sellers to search for homes today including Zillow, Trulia, and Realtor.com. We also use a well-seasoned professional real estate photographer who utilizes all of the high-end virtual and video photography in addition to ariel  drone  photography and videography as needed to beautifully present your home to the world!

 Now more than ever, who you choose to work with matters! Choose SMC Real Estate to serve you.

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